Taralga Historical Society

Museum Roster

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December 2023

2nd: Margaret & Peter McAlister, Jenny & Peter
9th: Chris Ainsworth, Michelle Green, Noelene
        Cosgrove, Elaine Connor
16th: Museum closed
23rd: Tim Dowsley, Joan Scott, Penny Gordon,
         Bob Blay
30th: Graham Lambert, Judy & Jeff Chalker

January 2024

6th: Chris Ainsworth, Tim Dowsley, Penny
       Gordon, Joan Scott
13th: Judith Matthews, Mick and Annette Chalker,
          Jimmy Dean
20th: Helena Hopkins, Margaret McIntosh, Tim
27th: Jenny & Peter Haigh, Simon & Caroline

February 2024

3rd: Pat Murray, Mick & Annette Chalker
        AGM and General Meeting
10th: Jenny & Peter Haigh, Frances Flood,
         Bob Blay
17th: Alan Robertson, Brian Moloney, Chris
         Ainsworth, Lida Veenstra
24th: Tim Dowsley, Michelle Green, Noelene
         Cosgrove, Elaine Connor

March 2024

2nd: Tim Dowsley, Chris Ainsworth
9th: Jeff & Judy Chalker, Lida Veenstra, Judith
16th: Margaret & Peter McAlister, Helena
         Hopkins, Margaret McIntosh
23rd: Pat Murray, Elaine Connor, Michelle Green,
         Noelene Cosgrove
30th: Jenny & Peter Haigh, Frances Flood, Allan
         Robertson, Bob Blay