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Sept   10        Bob Blay, Pat Murray, Jeff & Judy Chalker

Sept   17        Maureen Long, Joan Scott, Judith Matthews, Robin Alders

Sept   24        Annette & Mick Chalker, Ernie Stephenson, Geoff Sieler, Bob Blay


Oct                  1         SCHOOL OPENING DAY

   Max & Glennis Wright, Gill & Marion Pfitzner & Volunteers

Oct    8           Margaret & Peter McAlister, Nerida Croker, Brian Moloney

Oct   15          Maureen Long, Joan Scott, Pat Murray, Ray Shiel

Oct   22          Judy & Jeff Chalker, Brian Corby, Tim Dowlsey

Oct   29          Ken & Joyce Fleming, Marcus Haratein, Nicola Young


Nov   5           Annette & Mick Chalker, Matt & Vicky Chalker, Margaret Lang

Nov  12          Mary Chalker, Ernie Stephenson, Geoff Sieler, Sandra Keith

Nov  19         

Folks - if your name hasnít appeared on the roster donít feel left out, you are always welcome as there is always much to do. Just turn up and familiarise yourself with the many and varied exhibits, bring a broom, rake or duster you wonít be left twiddling your thumbs.

Please let us know if you would prefer an alternative Sunday, or are  unavailable. Please phone Mick 4843 5975 or Graham 4843 8187


Maureen Long, Joan Scott, Andrew Moore, Peter Davies

Nov  26          Graham & Sue Lambert, Laurie Halpin, Alan Robertson


Dec   3           Max & Glennis Wright, Jim Dean, Jason Voorwinden

Dec  10          CHRISTMAS PARTY- time and Venue to be announced